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Maria the Lost
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I'm a bit up on the low-down right now. This journal is largely friends only, except for entries about or featuring my fics for various fandoms, such as Little Women, Final Fantasy XII and Naruto. I do, however, friends-lock all my NC-17 entries after a week or so. If you'd like to view them or just think I'm neat, leave me a comment and I'll friend you. I'm mostly a docile and friendly sort, though those who know me in real life can attest that I occasionally have a temper... ♥

Disclaimer: Few, if any, of the fictional characters or world toyed with in the fanfiction I write belongs to me. All participants in NC-17 rated fanfiction are over the age of the consent. Also, any illegal act that may be mentioned in my stories apply only to the fictional realm, and I in no way condone or encourage such acts.

Given as a banner for Dark Scribe Begins, my Little Women/Batman Begins Crossover Fic:

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By potix

Given as a Valentine's Day Present:

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By la_xhal at fukikomu

Please don't post these graphics up elsewhere-- they were made exclusively for me.