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Friends Only & Complete Fandom Works List

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By potix, featuring Laurie & Jo from Little Women, Exclusively For My Use

Though I'm still going to keep my posts/memes/essays for fandom public, I'm now going to friends-lock most of my other journal entries, including those that involve RL issues, fanfic requests/snippets/commentary, drabble posts, personal photos and general squeeage/wailing. I also lock all NC-17 rated fic after leaving them up for the public for a week or two.

I am not adding any more livejournal friends at present. If you would like access to any NC-17 fic, please leave me a review at the fic's previous chapter or fanfiction.net cut chapter and let me know you want the NC-17 version!

Below is a list of... well... pretty much I've ever written, ever. What I personally am most proud of is marked with with the [Personal Favorite] tag. I hope you enjoy perusing!

DisclaimerCollapse )

Final Fantasy XII Fandom WorksCollapse )

Little Women Fandom WorksCollapse )

Naruto Fandom WorksCollapse )

Miscellaneous Fandom WorksCollapse )

Picture PostsCollapse )

And comments, corrections and criticism are, as always, completely welcome and loved! After all, a little encouragement never fails to add a bit of inspiration...
I promised I would write this and so I shall. Don't every say I don't keep my promises, fandom. ;)

Title: Bits and Baubles
Fandom: Little Women
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie
Rating: PG-13, Innuendo
Summary: Laurie was not exactly a stranger to making a fool of himself. It had just never happened to coincide with ladies' underwear before.

'Jo,' Laurie began pleasantly enough. 'Do you happen to know how many words are in the English language?'Collapse )
This one-shot probably won't make much sense if you haven't read Elizbeth Harker's excellent supernatural Little Women fic Braver Than We Are... but it does nonetheless contain Jo, Laurie, the threat of death, a very cruel mark upon one or the both of them... and a hell of a lot of sex.

In any case, I do hope you enjoy ('enjoy'?) this small glimpse of what could have been. It was a very, very intense writing experience and I don't imagine I could ever duplicate it... but holy hell was it fun nonetheless!

Title: Torn
Fandom: Little Women
Series: An AU fic for Elizabeth Harker's Braver Than We Are series.
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy
Rating: NC-17. Really, really, really NC-17. Features some very graphic and very rough sex.
Summary: Amy Laurence is dead, Theodore Laurence is a widower, and Jo March is already facing a very cruel end. Life, such as it is, falls within.

Even now, she can't believe that this is what being loved is meant to be like: being torn up and being forced open.Collapse )
This little ficlet is for my lovely muse Elizabeth and is a fun little snippet featuring Jo and Laurie’s married life that never quite made the cut for 20 Different Ways To Leap Through the Minuet. (Which will be finished this summer, oh yes!)

I hope you enjoy reading murderous!Jo and snarky!Laurie as much as I enjoy writing them. ;)

Title: The Corrections
Fandom: Little Women
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The one in which Jo Laurence is taught a stern lesson by her husband. Much less serious than it sounds.

'I’m contemplating murdering my publisher,' Jo moodily said. 'Do you suppose, in the annals of all possible sin, that would make me a truly irredeemable person?'Collapse )


Apologies for being a total recluse this past week. I had been putting off any kind of fandom activity until spring break came... only to learn that I had very little internet DURING spring break because my home away from home is possessed, or something.


I will catch up, by God... but it's going to take me a while presently.


This was originally written for Yuletide 2009, for Rachel, but I thought it would do no harm to repost it to my usual spots. She who wanted a story with Jo, Laurie and Amy, where Jo was afraid to love Laurie and where complication flowered inevitably. This was an irresistibly juicy prompt and I could not help but write something with a spinster Jo and a widowed Laurie, set in an AU future world of Little Women where Jo never married but simply kept… wanting. A second part will be coming soon and I do hope people will enjoy it!

Title: Renewal, Chapter 1
Fandom: Little Women
Series: Renewal
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie (Possibly One-Sided?), Laurie/Amy
Rating: PG-13 for Adult Topics
Summary: Amy Laurence is dead, Theodore Laurence is a widower, and Jo March still has her dreams.

Coming from both Laurie's heart and digestive system, that was high praise indeed. The only thing Jo would have liked better would have been the ability to hear it without blushing. Because of all the things that she didn't have the right to do, of all the things she didn't have a right to feel, of all the ways she was already taking advantage of his ignorance and weakness currently...Collapse )
This has long been overdue and I only regret I had to wait until the new year to put it up. In any case, I do hope readers still enjoy. And much love goes to Potix, my original inspiration for the series. I hope you enjoy, darling! ♥

Title: Tempo and Rhythm, Part 3/3
Fandom: Little Women
Series: Tempo and Rhythm
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie
Rating: NC-17 for Explicit Sex in the 2nd Part; R-Rated Version at Fanfiction.net
Summary: Jo, Laurie and a piano. You may as well commence with the writhing...

Note: This is a Little Women fic that contains on-screen sex in the second chapter. Readers are warned for explicitness and rough (though thoroughly consensual) play. It also can be read as a follow-up to the universe of the Night to Remember and 20 Different Ways series, which depict a marriage and partnership between Jo and Laurie. Those fics do not need to be read to understand this one, however.

After all, with Jo, there was a time and a place for everything. And Laurie had long adapted himself to her strange rhythms, had long learned with a musician's gusto on when and where to start singing.Collapse )
Part of the fun of being in fandom consists of twisting canon to shape your needs and desires! And is there a better time for said shaping than All Hallow's Eve? In the spirit of adventure, I want to present the second foray into the supernatural that the Little Women fandom has to offer. I can only hope others enjoy the chill in this story... especially since, sadly, it'll be one of the last fics I can put up during this year.

Title: Scarlet and Ivory
Fandom: Little Women
Characters/Pairings: Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy, Cast
Rating: Hard R for very strong implied violence/licentiousness.
Summary: Blood, sin, spite, sex, and sisterly resentment. A tale of horror within the Little Women-verse for Halloween 2009!

Warning: This being a Halloween fic, it's deliberately written to be as disturbing as it can get. Be aware that the better angels of everyone's nature are not currently present. It also contains non-graphic violence and disturbing sexual innuendo. Please don't read if you feel you can't handle seeing this in a classic text!

And sometimes Jo thinks, deep in the night, that Laurie never truly leaves.Collapse )

Going to Be Absent for a Bit

Apologies ahead of time if I'm very unavailable this week-- I've got a killer presentation coming up that's academic life-or-death for me. I'll try to catch up next weekend!
Great news!

The awesome Yuletide Obscure Fandoms Fic Exchange (which always manages to get a nice treasure trove of Little Women fic every year) has now opened up for nominations!

That means that if you nominate the Little Women fandom for inclusion in the Yuletide Fic Exchange at this form on the site, we could potentially get a lot of great new fic for the fandom by Christmas. And I for one would love it if people could nominate Little Women-- I definitely want to have more excuses to write more heart-warming Jo/Laurie fic!

And of course, you can nominate plenty of other obscure fandoms for inclusion in the Yuletide Fic Exchange, ranging from Mad Men to Jane Austen's Persuasion. It all depends on what you'd like to read and yourself!

So please take part and nominate Little Women for the fic exchange, if you have the time. I would love seeing it become a part of the fic exchange this year.

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