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Friends Only & Complete Fandom Works List

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By potix, featuring Laurie & Jo from Little Women, Exclusively For My Use

Though I'm still going to keep my posts/memes/essays for fandom public, I'm now going to friends-lock most of my other journal entries, including those that involve RL issues, fanfic requests/snippets/commentary, drabble posts, personal photos and general squeeage/wailing. I also lock all NC-17 rated fic after leaving them up for the public for a week or two.

I am not adding any more livejournal friends at present. If you would like access to any NC-17 fic, please leave me a review at the fic's previous chapter or cut chapter and let me know you want the NC-17 version!

Below is a list of... well... pretty much I've ever written, ever. What I personally am most proud of is marked with with the [Personal Favorite] tag. I hope you enjoy perusing!


Few, if any, of the fictional characters or world toyed with in the fanfiction I write belongs to me. All participants in NC-17 rated fanfiction are over the age of the consent. Also, any illegal act that may be mentioned in my stories apply only to the fictional realm, and I in no way condone or encourage such acts.

Final Fantasy XII Fandom Works

Final Fantasy XII Non-Fiction

Top Ten Reasons to Ship Larsa X Penelo: One of my first fandom works so far. Comes complete with illustrations!

In the Future, If Afterwards...: My very first fandom essay and my first attempt at arguing at how an imperial marriage between Larsa and Penelo would hopefully not be a flaming, empire-tearing disaster. My OTP has sunk it’s claws into me deep and is not letting go!

Penelo: Paper, Plastic or Full of Personality?: My second fandom essay and my attempt to show why Penelo really does have a definite character within FFXII after all. [Personal Favorite]

Final Fantasy XII Series

The Uses of Enchantment: The Complete Series. Sometimes happy endings do manage to come out, despite all the rest of the world. A vision of one bright future for Larsa and Penelo that spans five decades and contains sixteen seperate pieces of fiction. Larsa/Penelo, with some Larsa and Penelo gen tossed in to flavor. Rated PG to NC-17. [Personal Favorite]

Knots, Ties and Tides: When Ashe asks Penelo to make a sacrifice for Dalmasca's sake, she had no idea that this was what her Queen had in mind... Features Penelo, Ashe, Larsa, Cast. Rated PG. [Personal Favorite]
The Entire Series So Far

Bloom Upon the Bough: A series of drabbles and short fics featuring Larsa and Penelo as friends, lovers and allies. Spans genres and includes a bit of everything right now. Rated PG-13.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6

In the Wake of Tomorrow: The House of Solidor has always bred extraordinary men. An AU fic that centers around Penelo, Larsa, and any sins they might have committed together. Penelo X Larsa, Penelo X Vayne. Rated R.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

In the Hour Before Us: Boy meets girl. Boy rescues girl. Boy then technically kidnaps girl. When Penelo first meets Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, she has no idea what's in store for her... AU Larsa/Penelo fic. Rated PG-13.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Embers and Other Words: A series of Ashe snippets, fic-bits and drabbles, featuring her being paired with or reacting to various other people. Rated PG.
1. To the Start. Ashe/Basch. Was there still time enough to go back to the start? Rated PG.
2. Howling. Ashe/Vaan. Fantasies are meant to be consensual, not fulfilling. Rated R.
3. Royalty Remixed. Ashe/Basch, Ashe/Vaan. "This is how you handle it," she whispered and her fingers gripped his across the hilt of the blade... The result of a fic-bits challenge. Rated R.
4. Moments Of. Ashe/Basch. Politics and pleasure usually don’t mix… unless you’re the Queen of Dalmasca.

The Caliber of Consequences: A co-write with moontear. When in trouble with one empire, it's only common sense to flee to another. But as Penelo soon finds out, plans don't always go quite as simply as you hoped for... Features Larsa/Penelo, Basch. Rated R, NC-17.
Chapter 1: Penelo

Final Fantasy XII One-Shots

Droit De Seigneur: In the years to come, there were no answers. Just questions that couldn't be asked. Vayne/Penelo, Larsa/Penelo. Rated R.

Bragging Rights: Vaan was never the sort of person who longed for complexity. Somehow, it ended up finding him anyway. Vaan/Balthier, Penelo. Rated PG-13.

Atheism: In a life like Basch's, the gods are not welcome. Basch, Noah, Larsa. Rated PG.

The Revenge of Nabokov, a.k.a. Who Died and Made You Underaged Booty?!: Ivalice's most creepy would-be child bride groom has some plans in the offering. Larsa/Penelo (kinda, maybe), Various Combinations, Total madness in the telling. Rated PG-13.

Every Language: Even an age full of princesses and stones must eventually meet its end. Basch reflects, looks back, reminisces and lets fate carry him away. A slight AU that takes place after the game ends. Mainly features Basch/Vossler, Ashe, Larsa/Penelo, Vaan. Rated PG. [Personal Favorite]

Prodigal Prize: Trying to hold onto a past that seems determined to elude you is an exercise in futility. But even those who already know this can still feel the need to try. Noah/Ffamran. Rated R.

Pithy Possessions: A sequel to Prodigal Prize. This is how they began. This was why they were always doomed. Noah/Ffamran, Basch/Balthier. Rated R.

Five Similar Gardens : The beginning, middle and end of an affair, as seen through five different steps. Because mistresses are strange creatures and an emperor can rule everything while his own heart runs away from him. Meant to work within Mithrigil's Schwanengesang series. Larsa/Penelo. Rated R. [Personal Favorite]

A History of Sin: Do you ever wonder, she will ask him thrice, why it is that the people you love don't stay? Vossler/Ashe, Basch, Rassler. Rated PG-13. [Personal Favorite]

Of Magisters and Men: Gabranth and Drace discuss the perils of adolescence-- Lord Larsa‘s in particular. Gabranth/Drace, Hints of Larsa/Penelo, Vayne, Gramis. Prequel to Knots, Ties and Tides. Rated PG-13.

Thanatos: Vossler has at least 20 ways of finding reparations for lost causes. Vossler/Ashe, Vossler/Basch, Vossler/Balthier, Vossler/Penelo. Rated R.

Imprint: Stop. Rewind. Play back lost time. You always have the option of redoing all that has happened previously. Vayne, Larsa, Penelo, Venat. Warning for disturbing themes. Rated R. [Personal Favorite] [Now accompanied by Explanations/Annotations.]

The Very Secret Diaries of Larsa Ferrinas Solidor: Fairy tales don't always come about without a little help... Beware Sexual Content, Cruelty to Judge Magisters and Fairly Terrible Jokes. Larsa/Penelo/Vaan, Basch, Vayne. Rated R. [Personal Favorite]

The Teeth of Serpents: Perhaps the problem with the House of Solidor is one of fortune, not famine. Vayne, Gabranth, Larsa. Rated PG-13.

20 Reasons Why It's Impossible to Get Over the Queen of Dalmasca: (Loving her proves that you’re meant to be a pirate after all.) Ashe, Vaan, and the legacy of a doomed love affair. Ashe/Vaan, Ashe/Rasler, Basch, Vossler, Balthier, Penelo, Larsa. Rated PG-13.

20 Things The Dread Pirate Ratsbane Is No Longer Allowed To Do In Ivalice: Just what the title says. Vaan, possible Ashe/Vaan and Basch/Vaan, Vossler, Balthier, Penelo/Larsa. Rated PG-13.

Question and Compass: When Larsa raises an interesting question, his brother always has an even better answer. Part of the Knots, Ties and Tides Universe. Vayne and Larsa, Mentions of Drace, Gabranth, Gramis, Other Judges. Rated PG-13.

Talk Dirty To Me: Sometimes a lady sky pirate needs to get... creative with her methods and means. Features Larsa/Penelo. Rated NC-17. [Personal Favorite]

The Lonely Death of Larsa Ferrinas Solidor: When Larsa has contingency plans, Noah obediently follows. Features Larsa, Gabranth, Drace, Vayne. Rated PG-13.

Final Fantasy XII Drabble Posts

Seven Different Spaces: All the stories of Ivalice ought to be told. Even the stranger, more unbelievable ones. Contains Reks, Penelo, Basch, Fran, Vossler, Balthier, Larsa, Noah, Ashe, very vague Larsa/Penelo. The result of a fic-bits challenge. Rated PG-13

Shards and Sharpnel: Three sharp shards of fic from a recent fic-bit challenge. As though there weren't darkness enough in Ivalice... Contains Vossler/Reks, Ashe/Vayne, Noah/Basch/Larsa. Rated NC-17.

Seven Stars Under the Skin: Seven short slices of pleasure from the bedrooms of Ivalice... Contains Basch/Vossler, Balthier/Penelo, Basch/Ashe, Al-Cid/Ashe, Ashe/Jote, Ashe/Vossler/Basch. Rated R to NC-17.

Four Infernos: Drace was a woman who already knew all the temperaments of both heaven and hell on earth. Lopsided Vayne/Drace, Drace/Gabranth. Rated R.

Jurisdictions: As though the Emperor of Archadia could do anything without the politics of his realm interfering… Larsa/Vaan. Kind of. Rated R.

Everything and Nothing: Older brothers have strange ambitions at times. Vayne, Larsa. Rated PG.

Disordered Thinking: The truly fearful thing about madness is that nobody is immune. Nobody. Contains almost all of the main cast. Rated PG-13. [Personal Favorite]
Part 1

Foreign Extraction: Temptation never completely obliterates nostalgia. A new series of cross-overs and interactions between the FFXII cast and those of other worlds. Will contain almost all the main cast and several casts as well.
Part 1

But That Was In Another Country: And besides, the wench is dead. Five short drabbles exploring a very hypothetical relationship between two very unlikely people. Vayne/Drace, Drace/Gabranth. Rated R.

Judge Magister Drace's Last Repose: Dragging a dead woman back to the land of the living always has its consequences. Drace Lives AU. Features Drace, Archadian Cast. Rated R.

20 Reasons Why Gabranth Always Has To Be The Senate's Whore: Just as the title indicates and nothing more. Features Gabranth/Senate, Archadian Cast. Rated R.

5 Times Basch Has Had A Sinking Feeling: Surely no mere man could live so long and be so good-looking with surprises confronting him constantly... Features Fran/Basch, Vossler/Basch, Ashe/Basch, Penelo/Basch, Larsa/Penelo, Vaan, Basch/World/Orgy. Rated R.

Little Women Fandom Works

A Night to Remember: With a wedding day comes a wedding night. But who on earth could have predicted that Jo and Laurie's one could have proceeded quite *this* madly? Jo/Laurie and a night that they'll remember for the rest of their lives... no matter what they might try to erase from memory. Slight AU, strong sexual content. Jo/Laurie, Cast. Rated R/NC-17. R-rated version archived on Complete.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6

Dark Scribe Begins: It would all begin with a message hastily sent through her kitchen window on an otherwise unremarkable morning. But after a certain gentleman of a darker persuasion moves back into her city, Jo March's life gets all the more dangerous from there... Little Women/Batman Crossover, featuring Jo/Laurie. Rated R.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Interlude 1

20 Different Ways to Leap Through the Minuet: He has always know that she would be his downfall one of these days; he simply hadn't understood how deeply strange would be the attending circumstance. 20 different looks into Jo, Laurie, and the marriage that could have been. Jo/Laurie, Cast. Rated R. Updated more often at
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2-5 - Chapter 6-10

Only of You and Me: A life never lived is not a life never dreamed. Jo/Laurie. One-shot. Rated R.

Close Quarters: "Please tell me," Jo gritted out as Laurie's face hung perilously close to hers and she got a far closer look at his chin than she had ever thought possible, "that the sound of the door slamming shut didn't mean what I think it means." Jo/Laurie. One-shot. Rated PG-13.

Into the Woods: 'And when she puts her mouth against that of her sister's husband, she can almost pretend she only does this merely to gain silence and peace in their pocket of smooth, bone-chilled beauty.' Jo, Laurie and a secret in the dark that could destroy everything... Jo/Laurie. Rated NC-17. R-rated version archived at Complete.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Falling Up: When Jo March flees to New York to escape an old friend's betrayal, she never thought she'd end up meeting his exact double. But then, Jack Kelly didn't exactly know what he was getting into when he met her either... Jo/Jack, Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy. Little Women/Newsies crossover, co-written with Madwomanpoems.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Tempo and Rhythm: Jo, Laurie and a piano. You may as well commence with the writhing... Jo/Laurie. Rated R/NC-17. R-rated version archived at
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Renewal: Amy Laurence is dead, Theodore Laurence is a widower, and Jo March still has her dreams. Jo/Laurie. Laurie/Amy. Rated PG-13.
Chapter 1

Scarlet and Ivory: Blood, sin, spite, sex, and sisterly resentment. A tale of horror within the Little Women-verse for Halloween 2009! Jo/Laurie, Laurie/Amy. Rated Hard R.

The Corrections: The one in which Jo Laurence is taught a stern lesson by her husband. Far less serious than it sounds. Jo/Laurie. Rated PG.

Naruto Fandom Works

Broken Touch: In the end, his thoughts always seem to go back to Hinata. But that's really not his fault. Neji/Hinata, one-sided. Rated R.

Mortal Instruments: He had touched her first five years ago-- but now, nothing is the same. Naruto/Hinata; Kabuto/Hinata. Dark AU. Rated PG-13.

Flow of Words: Tracking the life of Hyuuga Hinata, one year at a time. Assorted collection of short stories and drabbles. Rated PG.

Historical Fiction: Sometimes Hyuuga Hinata wants to rewrite history. Neji/Hinata. Rated PG-13. [Personal Favorite]

Seven Strange Sparks: Seven different reasons why sex, strife and seduction are constants in the shinobi world… The result of a fic-bits challenge. Contains Neji/Hinata, Sasuke/Sakura, Naruto/Hinata, Kabuto/Hinata, Haku, Zabuza. Rated R.

Kaleidoscopes: The Hyuuga are a family with many paths to follow. Here are just a few that might eventually be taken. Neji/Hinata, Hanabi, Hiashi. Rated PG-13. [Personal Favorite]

10 Introspections: Both monsters and innocents are capable of spinning stories. Here are ten different tales they might tell. Naruto, Hinata/Kabuto, Hinata/Neji. Rated PG to R.

Lords and Ladies: Hinata had expected that her life would change after being married to Sasuke in a sham marriage meant to throw off the chains of their respective families. But she had no idea that the greatest of worries was only now coming... Itachi/Hinata, Gaara/Hinata/Sasuke, Cast. Rated R.
Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4

Miscellaneous Fandom Works

Bleach: Betrayal: In the end, it had ended up devouring her. It just hadn't done so in the expected fashion. Ichigo X Rukia, Hollow Ichigo X Rukia. Rated R.

Bleach: What Socrates Said: With a woman like Rukia, you learn to deflect the dangerous quite quickly. Ichigo X Rukia, future-fic. Rated PG-13.

Bleach: Eleven Odd Corners: Apparently, there’s very little in life that isn’t negotiable with an extremely shiny shikai at your side… The result of a fic-bits challenge. Contains Ichigo/Rukia, Hollow Ichigo/Rukia, Renji/Rukia, Byakuya, 10th and 11th Divisions. Rated PG to R.

Twilight: Twitlight: Sometimes it takes a bitch on heels with an axe to grind and an aversion to sparkles and sunshine to get the job done. An AU of the first book with Rosalie being cast in Bella's place. Contains Rosalie/Edward, Cast. Rated R to NC-17.
Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Twilight: Sunglasses: Bella Swan would like to share a few words of wisdom, culled from years of extensive experience. Beware meta, crack, and breaking the fourth wall with free-flying ambition! Features Bella/Edward and Bella/Orgy. Rated PG-13.

Ugly Betty: Night and Day: To Daniel, the differences have always been as clear as day and night. Betty X Daniel, Betty X Henry. Rated R. [Personal Favorite]

Various Picture Posts

Official Larsa Art collection: Because L'Emperor Minor is just adorable.

Older Larsa fan-art collection: Simply because there's never enough conceptions of him as he'd look once he reaches the age of majority as there should be!

Older Penelo official art collection: Because it's always nice to know that even street rats can grow up real good.

Penelo in atypical clothes fan-art collection: Because Penelo is adorable no matter what she puts on.

Larsa and Penelo: A Photostory About True, True WUB: If anyone asks, I shall blame it on the fever that sent me scurrying off to the nearest fainting couch.

And comments, corrections and criticism are, as always, completely welcome and loved! After all, a little encouragement never fails to add a bit of inspiration...
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